For those of you who are not familiar with is here is a short potted history of Crystal Antiques.


Crystal Antiques opened by my Step-father Paul Kirk in Carlingford in 2005 in a small but quirky premises and soon became a go to spot for tourists from near and far. It kept up a tradition of the village having somewhere for the antique hunters to go. After two years the opportunity came up to move to our current location which was an old grain store its in past life. It was left as it apart from some partition walls to retain its original character which was in keeping with its contents.


Our reputation for being one of the best antique/curio shops in the North East grew over the years being known for a wide selection of  items at very reasonable prices. We were and still are particularly well known for having the wierd and wonderful items, you can literally get anything from an 18th century Chinese urn to a camels skull.

After 20 odd years in finance I took over in August 2018, and I am endeavouring to carry this tradition on. This is one that stretches to the four corners of the earth with repeat customers coming from as far away as the USA, Canada and Australia.


Now we face an unprecedented challenge with the current Covid-19 situation, something nobody could have foreseen. One positive is we had time to come up with this site which adds another string to our bow and another way for you to find that special thing you are looking for.


So until we can meet in person, enjoy the site, any queries please contact us and happy hunting.